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With all the information available to us, one of the challenges is deciding what we allow to enter our consciousness, and what gets ignored. Below are some of my regularly visited sources, and what I like about them.

  • Slashdot – a great geeky news source, occasionally heavy on skepticism and ‘fight the man’ attitudes, but often points me towards things I otherwise wouldn’t have seen.
  • Psychology Today – Understanding the way the human mind works is key to our success in almost every endeavor.
  • Mashable – Collection of trends and topics which help keep me informed and keeps me from missing out on bits of culture which everyone seems to know but me. (Warning: if you aren’t careful, this can be a time-suck)
  • Build Network – Sometimes challenging, sometimes inspiring, but usually worth the read.
  • Smashing Magazine – Web design blog which presents an eclectic slate of topics specific to the field.
  • WSJ / NYT / Economist – Skimming the headlines is usually enough, but a few are worth the read each day.
  • Seth Godin’s Blog – Quick challenges to the status quo.
  • N2Growth – Blog on leadership.
  • TCB – Business cases for executives. Free logins available to company leaders.
  • Manager Tools – Podcasts on common business problems. They get a bit long-winded, which makes them good for background when you have some other tedious task to complete which doesn’t require brainpower.
  • Harvard Business Review – Case studies and research of interest to business leaders.
  • Corporate Executive Board – Big-picture view of the firm.
  • Graphic Sociology – Rarely updated, but interesting when it is. Focuses on numerical trends in various populations, and presents the results well.
  • TED Talks – Mind expansion, in 17 minutes or less.
  • LinkedIn and Facebook – Because not only is staying connected to friends and coworkers is important for happiness and long-term health, and may be the source of your next position, sale or product.

Most days making it through this list takes less than 30 minutes, though some days I leave a couple articles open or return to them for a deeper dive when time allows.

What’s on your daily reading list, and why?

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