Get Healthy & More Productive With One Change

Stand up, and move around! It is literally killing us. In spite of all the research for many years, we still spend more time sitting than we do anything else. Yes, even more than we spend sleeping. This is a shame, as our minds work best when our bodies are fit and in motion. How many great ideas have you come up with while sitting at your desk? How about while walking? I bet most of your best conceptual leaps have come to you while you were doing something other than staring at a screen and sitting down.

Do you agree? If so, what are you going to do about it? Personally, I’m getting a desk that raises and lowers (which in the past I found I would stand at for 4-6 hours a day). I’m also taking more walks throughout the day. I usually come back with better focus and ideas.



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  1. I have a treadmill that is flat enough to put my computer on. This seems to work quite well for me.

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