How Do You Get Things Done?

Everyone has their own idea of the best way to manage your time, email, calendar free time and all other aspects of your life, and is happy to sell it to you. Whether it is the getting things done, win, zen of outlook or any other current fad, the good ones all have a few basic principles.

  • Discipline. We are all lacking it at times. Having and working a system can help enforce discipline when we need it.
  • Simplicity. If you can’t remember it, it won’t work.
  • Focus on importance. Distractions abound. Avoid them.
  • Uses the right tool for the job.
  • Personalized to you. If it doesn’t fit you and your working style, it won’t work.My system is likely no better or worse than many of the others you might find for you, but it works well for me. It combines the best of other systems, and is honed by practice. It isn’t perfect, but neither is it static. I fully expect my so-called system will not remain completely unchanged for any given 2-year period, though the major elements will persist.

    Coming soon, my personal organization system…

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