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Innovation Debt

If you work with software engineers you likely hear the phrase “technical debt” regularly.* This is a painful reality for active projects, but just as painful is something you won’t hear discussed: Innovation Debt. We incur this debt from failing to innovate and renovate ourselves and our products. While the pain from this kind of debt isn’t felt as quickly, when the bill comes due it may be more expensive than a firm can bear.

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What Do You Dream Of?

While I have dreams which seem a long reach for the next 5 years, there are some I expect we will see within that time period. For me, that dream is simple. Cell phones that are what we think of as our computers, entertainment stations, personal assistant, internet connection, social hub, communications device and everything else – all while connecting to any one of a number of docking stations which provide better input and output. This is possible today, but not in a way that the average person can put it to use in any meaningful way – currently it takes a lot of management and leaves you increasingly isolated while looking like a dweeb. I fully expect that to change in the very near future.

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Technology Advances

What are the little things which annoy you today? How would you fix them?

Someone out there may come up with a brilliant solution to your problem, making the way you used to do things seem completely unacceptable in comparison. Along the way, they may just create something worth some serious cash. What keeps you from being the one to create it?


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