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Technology Advances

What are the little things which annoy you today? How would you fix them?

Someone out there may come up with a brilliant solution to your problem, making the way you used to do things seem completely unacceptable in comparison. Along the way, they may just create something worth some serious cash. What keeps you from being the one to create it?


Herman Comic Strip on GoComics.com.

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Preparing for success

How will your application do when you succeed?

When planning for capacity, everyone prepares for the average day, or perhaps a couple times that volume; but how about the day when your product or service goes viral and becomes insanely successful overnight? Most of us are not truly prepared for success, and can’t fathom the full potential upside of our actions. This phenomenon has been called the Digg, Slashdot or Reddit effect (among others), and has been the cause of many companies or sites missing out on most or all of their moment in the sun.

Don’t miss yours.

How? Though each situation is unique, here are a few tips:

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