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Would you hire a gamer?

Would you ever consider hiring based on their playing of video games? I did, and here’s why. What a person does with their leisure time speaks powerfully to their motivation. Motivation matters, perhaps more than anything else.

Usual interviewing evaluates three areas:

  1. Can they do the job?
  2. Will they do the job?
  3. Can we put up with them while they do the job?

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Continuous Learning

When was the last time you did any work of significance, and didn’t have to learn something new along the way? I’m guessing it has been a while, if you can even remember such a time.

Jobs which don’t require you to learn, and then apply that learning, are not as engaging, nor as likely to stay local. Now we should expect ourselves to have to constantly learn and apply new concepts. It is for this reason good companies and hiring managers will not care nearly as much about what you can already do as they care what you can learn to do, and how quickly. Continue reading


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Get your ego out of the way, and hire the best

How to you ensure you are hiring the best, and build teams which will help overcome any challenge?

Get yourself out of the way.

As described by Steve Jobs, A players hire A players, B players hire C players. If you are too afraid of being surpassed by or outshone by your team, you severely limit yourself.¬†Even if you don’t think you are an A player, if you can get over the fact that you will be hiring people who may be able to take your job, you and your company will perform better. As a nice side effect, this single change alone may transform you into an A player.

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